Alan & Gail - 40 Years

May 25, 1974 my parents were married in a chapel in Mississippi.  They were young, and had no idea the things that lay ahead of them, but they were dedicated to one another with such a deep and rooted love that would sustain them for the years to come.  As a young girl, I looked up to them and the marriage they were still building.  They have always carried one another in strength, creating a beautiful life that I count myself so lucky to have been born into.  I could not help but crave that kind of love for myself.  Thankfully, that love would come to me.

As their anniversary approached, we knew we wanted to do something special for them, so, we decided to tell their story.   We traveled to Mississippi with them, and they took us to the places where it all began, the places of their youth.  It was such an honor to capture these memories.  I realize now that it is as much a gift to myself as to them.  

Thank you mom and dad for letting us follow you around with our cameras, to memorialize our family story.  Thank you for creating a story so worth telling.  I love you.