Kendra - Class of 2015

As you all know, I love to shoot in Colorado.  It seems the weather is always cooperative, and the locations are endless! Getting to capture Kendra for her senior portraits was such a fun experience. She was an absolute natural in front of the camera, and as you can see, she was up for adventure. When I asked her about getting in the river, she didn't even bat an eyelash! We were climbing over walls, and wading through a surprisingly strong current, but we got the shots! 

Thank you Kendra for your gorgeous face, and your adventurous spirit! 

Cyle & Alicia

Alicia and Cyle are getting married.. this weekend!!  Congratulations you two!  The day of their engagement session arrived and the clouds rolled in.  We really only had this one chance to do the shoot before their wedding, so we decided to go with it.  Seiji and I went out and found some umbrellas and started to plan to shoot in the rain.  Of course, we didn't end up needing them at all!  As we began our shoot, the sun emerged and we had beautiful light for the majority of our time! 

My favorite part about capturing couples is watching the chemistry between them, and just letting it unfold in the shoot.  When you put two people who are completely in love together, the moments just start happening on their own.  The love between Cyle and Alicia was so fun to watch and capture.  Their story is so sweet, and we wish them all the best!