Summer & Ed

Being engaged is such a magical time of life. Yes, there is stress of planning a wedding and the merging of two lives, but it's also filled with so many special moments and things that you will remember for the rest of your lives. I can clearly remember the 5 short months that Seiji and I were engaged. Every day was filled with expectation and promise of the life we were about to embark on together. It was a truly wonderful time.

When we met Summer and Ed, there was so much excitement in them. The entire day before heading out to meet them I just knew it was going to be a special evening, a special session. Once we started talking to them, taking in their story, we found out that their own love story was so similar to ours. It was like glimpsing into the past. It was fun for us to be reminded of those amazing days we had together, and for them to see us working side by side, 9 years later, still filled with such love for one another.  I'm always honored to work with such wonderful people, but this felt even bigger, it was kismet. 

Maybe it's just that I adore these two, but this really may be my favorite engagement session to date in my career. It was magic.