Wedding Films

There are countless wedding videos out there, lots of people who point their cameras at the action and throw edits together of “epic” shots and slow motion, but only handful of really beautiful stories.  How many videos have you started to watch and lost interest?  The measure of a good investment isn't epic shots, it's if you are drawn into a film of a couple's wedding that you've never met.  We don’t make “wedding videos,”  we create stories worth watching over and over. 

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Our Wedding Films

We knew one of the most important decisions in planning our wedding was picking a videographer. After spending a lot of time doing a lot of research, we finally met Seiji and Emily, and we were impressed by how professional and friendly they were. We knew that it was important to work with someone who was easy to talk to and whom we could share our vision. Emily and Seiji exceeded those expectations and many more from the moment we met them. On our wedding day, Seiji and Emily were extremely professional, helpful, and accommodating to everyone. They paid attention to every detail and made sure to capture all of it for memories to last forever. They went above and beyond to create a video that makes us both smile from ear to ear every time we watch it. I just can’t express how grateful we are for the both of you. Thank you Seiji and Emily for capturing the best moments of our lives and allowing it to be a token of our everlasting love.

 ~ Danyella Nava